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    Getting closer


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    Getting closer

    Post by Garonn on Wed Aug 01, 2012 8:50 pm

    Hey i would like to get closer to you guys Embarassed so i tought of starting a topic with 3 questions from which i will understand your personality a bit better:

    How did u discover the anime/manga world?
    What made u/ why did u start to help translating manga?
    What type of story/anime or movie do u like?(describe do not use just examples)

    So i will start:
    1-I discovered this world 4 years ago Smile , my friend had a bleach wristband that i really loved and looked up on the internet since he got it as present
    and only liked the design not the anime/manga itself.And after watching 2 seasons of bleach i was hooked and wtached more animes/mangas till today.

    2-I introduced a hungarian friend of mine into this world and he felt really sad he didnt understand english Sad , since he learned german and french in school,
    in the afternoon i would translate some of his favorite mangas while we read them togheter , so i decided why not help more by translating for peapole at a scanlation group.!

    3-I love supernatural stories with a likable main character with a hint of drama romance and comedy.I do not like the story if the comedy or the romance is over done. Evil or Very Mad
    example:THE RECORD OF FALLEN VAMPIRE this story has everything i love What a Face

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    Re: Getting closer

    Post by Skylar on Wed Aug 01, 2012 10:37 pm

    A nice topic... Very Happy

    1. I read manga for the first time when I was 10. A lot of my friends collected manga series like Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, or Doraemon. The first manga I read was Detective Conan. My older sister borrowed several volumes from her friend and I'm a little bit curious, what kind of book is that.. Why everybody love to read it? My sister isn't a comic addict type. At that time, I was really confused on how to read comics. There are a lot of panels and I don't which one I have to read first. But, after I read it, I got hooked up. It's like wine, the more you drink it, it will tastes even better than the first time you drink it. Once, I tried to fool my mother by putting comic book inside my school book, but I got caught and she scolded me. Since that time, every time I went to a book store I will read comic books. Until around 2006 I realized there are a lot of manga on-line at the internet and since that time I become an internet manga fan.

    2. I was writing my thesis and I get really bored without anything to do. I only go to the campus to meet my lecture once a week and I have 5 days free per week. That's why I decided to join a scanlation group so I can practice my Chinese language. My first group is a shoujo group (now inactive) and I became a CHI-ENG translator. But, I don't really like their projects. They were doing smut mangas. I'm fine with smut, but I really hate it when the manga only focused on smut scenes and the story line is really cheesy about high school students and their first time doing it (no offense for must lovers, that's just my personal opinion). I decided to retire from that group. I still join another 3 group before I decided to create this group. At the other group I learn to edit manga.

    3. I like several genres such as historical, fantasy, magic, and supernatural (but, not the horror ghost type one like Paranormal Activity more like the X-man type). I like when the male character of the story isn't a super perfect guy who will help the female lead every time when they have problem. I like a manga with strong or dependable female lead who can defend themselves whenever they need to. I don't like ecchi and harem manga, especially when they draw woman in super size boobs and showing underwear when it doesn't needed to.
    Eugene H
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    Re: Getting closer

    Post by Eugene H on Thu Aug 02, 2012 11:52 am

    A very good topic Very Happy

    1. I don't really remember when I started reading manga or watching anime. For all I remember, I've known them since I was little. The first manga I read was Doraemon. I read lots of shounen back then because my big brother was the one who always bought mangas, so I was just reading anything he bought. Oh, but I did bought Sailor Moon, and Cardcaptor Sakura. Starting from Doraemon, we began to read Dragon Ball, Detective Conan, and many others. Oh hey, I read Slam Dunk and Bleach too Smile I started reading online mangas around 4 years ago. As for anime, there was once my VCD (it's still VCD not DVD Wink ) was broken. So my brother and I ended up watching tv. Then we found a tv channel that aired animes. So we began watching anime since then, up until now.

    2. I'm not actually translating here Embarassed The IS is my first scanlation group I'm joining. I was so bored because I got nothing to do on holiday. I read lots of mangas, but it's not enough. I started being impatient on waiting for the next release, so I went to some of the scanlation groups' websites and forums. Then I discovered that lots of them are actually in need of staffs. I knew nothing of being in a scanlation group. I can read and only understand a little Japanese, so it's impossible to become a translator. So I thought I can help by doing the typesetting Very Happy

    3. Basically, I like all genres (but not ecchi, yaoi, yuri, and others like those). Mostly are shounen. Sometimes fantasy, historical, comedy, and few sport mangas. I started to read shoujo later at high school. I like a male character who isn't a crybaby and easily gives up. Strong and perfect from the beginnning of the story is fine too, but I'd rather have a story where the character will grow and develops. As for the female character, just like Skylar, I really like a strong female character who can fight and protect herself, not just crying and waiting for help.
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    Re: Getting closer

    Post by Nameless Blue Fairy on Thu Aug 02, 2012 12:17 pm

    1. My First manga was Doraemon. I read at my cousin home then I borrowed them. First Anime either doraemon or dragonball. they are indonesian dub.

    2. It was last year. I read Gosick and got really interested to it. I bought the light novel too. I have some spare time and able to read Japanese a little. Then I notice the group who translating Gosick is Indonesian group. So, I applied. After Joining Ivyscan for a few months. Next, I joined Skylar and start learning how to clean.

    3. I like mystery and adventure a lot. hmmm..., mentioning a title will give better description.
    example: Gosick, Iris zero, Tsubasa reservoir chronicle.

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    Re: Getting closer

    Post by McKnz on Thu Aug 02, 2012 12:50 pm

    1. My first manga is Naruto. It's around 8 years ago. And then, I read a lot of titles usually shounen, josei, or seinen manga. I rarely read shoujo. I get into manga because my friends bought it for me as my birthday present. I still keep those old manga until now.

    2. I decided to join a scanlation group because I want to do something I like. My hobby is reading manga and I wished I can help a scanlation group (any). And then I decided to join several groups (I'm not a loyal type Very Happy ). At first I'm a little bit pessimist about this group. I mean I joined when it's only 1 month old and I thought this group will close after several months (sorry), but what happened is the opposite. Now, The Infinity Scanlation is my only group and I'm happy to be part of this group. I met several great friends here too.

    3. I read any kind of manga, but my favorite is an adventure manga. I really like to read a zero-to-hero type manga. Something like Slam Dunk, Naruto, Bleach fit in this category. I dislike harem manga, especially when the male lead is trapped in apartment, house, or anything like that with a lot of woman.

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    Re: Getting closer

    Post by koedadiyat on Thu Aug 02, 2012 1:27 pm

    1. The first manga I read is my big brother's Tekken Chinmi in 1995. He bought a lot of mangas such as Shoot!, Dragon Ball, Detective Conan, Ryuuroden, Harlem Beat, Rurouni Kenshin and many more. So I began to read his books and I realized that they were addictive. But now he's married, he doesn't buy mangas anymore, that's why I read it online.

    2. The reason is simple: I compete with my big bro, he's in the other scanlation group as a typesetter as well lol!
    but we decide to compete in chapter's quality, not quantity.

    3. I'm fine with any manga as long it's not ecchi and/or smut. I like supernatural action like Bleach, Sport comedy like Eyeshield 21, Historical seinen like Vagabond and Mystery like 20th Century Boys. For the characters, I like a male lead who was weak at the beginning and getting stronger at the end. And I dislike the weak woman who is crying and whining a lot (like Orihime in Bleach and Tae Kojima in Gantz (no offense for their bias))

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    Re: Getting closer

    Post by HelloChristie on Sun Aug 05, 2012 3:34 pm

    1. um i think i started to read manga around the 6th grade. My friend borrowed lots of manga from the library and recommended them to me. I think i first read Kodocha and after that, i was hooked. I'm currently in the 12th grade and i am still heavily obsessed with various manga titles.

    2. The reason i joined a scanlation group is purely because i wanted to help. As an avid online manga reader, i often saw recruitment ads in between chapters and i really wanted to help a group out. I'm not very good with editing, translating, typesetting so i decided to try proofreading. After searching and searching for a group that was in need of a proofreader, i found the infinity scanlation and i love it c:

    3. I really like romance manga with female leads that arent defenseless and prone to blushing a lot. Also mangas with amazing plots, a little fighting, and emotions. To this day one of my favorite shoujo mangas will always be Kodocha, the first one that got me hooked. And i also like 24 colors ~hatsukoi no palette~, cat street, dear friends, and high school debut. For shounen, i like fairy tail and katekyo hitman reborn. There are so many emotional parts in fairy tail, its so great.

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    Re: Getting closer

    Post by Dodobu on Wed Aug 08, 2012 8:11 pm

    I'm not the staff but I still wish to share some of my experience...

    1. My first comic is Doraemon. I bought it because I really love the anime. It's a classic but really nice manga. I wish I could have the Doraemon, but it doesn't mean I'm a whinny kid like Nobita!

    2. I'm not a scanlation group staff, but I really wish I can be a staff. And currently I'm training myself to get better at editing, so someday I can be a staff. And my reason is purely because scanlating is FUN!

    3. I like shounen manga with adventure theme like Black Cat and Naruto. I also like sport manga like Harlem Beat and Slam Dunk. It's really nice to read a manga when the character try so hard to become a good basketball player.. It's inspired me.
    El Diablo

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    Re: Getting closer

    Post by El Diablo on Sun Aug 19, 2012 9:28 am

    Since I'm not one of the staff, I will skip question number 2.

    1. I like to watch Sailor Moon anime. And from that time, I started to read Sailor Moon manga.

    3. I like action story with romance as the sub-plot, something like Full Metal Panic. It's one of my most favorite action manga.

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    Re: Getting closer

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