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    Releases Schedule & Status


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    Releases Schedule & Status

    Post by McKnz on Fri Jul 20, 2012 4:26 pm

    This is the Release Schedule for the English Version. For all International Version releases, all will be IRREGULAR based on the availability of the translator and English Version.

    English Version

    Solo Projects :
    Fate/Stay Night : at least 1 chapter per month
    Are You My Child : irregular
    Haridama Taimajuku : at least 1 chapter per month
    Ikoku Shoujo to Sumire no Hanabata : at least 1 chapter per month
    Akihabara@DEEP : irregular
    Black Robinia : irregular

    Joint Projects :
    Tales from the Land of Daughters : irregular (waiting for our joint partner Crystallis Scanlation)
    Izayoi no Hitomi : irregular (waiting for our joint partner Veni Vidi Dormivi)

    We are dropping Jigoku Shoujo after the end of volume 1.

    PS : You can reply to this thread if there is any comment or anything that you want to tell us regarding the schedule and projects' status.
    El Diablo

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    Re: Releases Schedule & Status

    Post by El Diablo on Tue Jul 24, 2012 8:37 am

    OH NO!!!
    You drop Jigoku Shoujo...?! affraid
    I really like it.. Even though I have read all the Del Ray version, I really like to read the other version too..
    I'm so sad you decided to drop it Crying or Very sad

    Due to some circumstances, we are dropping this series after the end of vol. 1. It is licensed by Del Rey. -Skylar-
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    Re: Releases Schedule & Status

    Post by Ya-Sha on Wed Aug 01, 2012 9:26 pm

    Jigoku Shoujo is one of my favorite series. And I'm really sad Sad that your group decided to drop this series. I think your group has done a great job in translating and editing Jigoku Shoujo. I can understand there are differences in translation but it's always nice to read different kind of translation. For me, your editing is superb! Del Rey version is a little bit plain because they only use one type of font for everything. And your version is better in editing. You give emotion through the font and the text. I really love it. That's why I really wish that you could re-think your decision and decided to work this project anymore. But, it's just a wish, not a must. I don't know what you guys are facing now until you decided to drop this series. Whatever happen, I will always support you! Please continue with your great job. I'm waiting for more series from your group! Surprised

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    Re: Releases Schedule & Status

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